Suwannee’s HEART

Helping Everyone Achieve Resilience and Thrive 

Welcome back to a brand new school year! The focus of the Suwannee’s HEART newsletter this year will be quick, easy strategies that parents and caregivers can use to help their children and teens optimize resilience, have good mental health, and thrive in every way. Let’s get the school year off to a good start with an easy strategy for practicing self control.

Self control is a super power!

A young person’s ability to control their thoughts, feelings, and actions is one of the greatest indicators of resilience and success.

A quick and easy strategy to help your child learn self control is teaching them to use


Pause … stop and think before deciding what to do

Breathe … take 2 slow, deep breaths

Jump into action … now get busy doing the right thing

Exercising self control is just like exercising a physical muscle. It gets stronger through regular, consistent use.  For best results, practice, practice, practice!