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Becky Skipper, SCSB Wellbeing Coordinator
2015 -

Growscsb launching February 15, 2019

SCSB Wellbeing Initiative



Becky Skipper, Coordinator

Kim Mott, SPS
Tenlee DeLoach, SPS
Tralene Sasso, SES
Amy Williams, SES
Jeannie Harry, SMS
Tina Colvin, SIS
Damon Wooley, SHS
Cindy Wiggins, SHS
Stefani Santos, BES
Staci Feeney, BES
Lacey Humphries, BES
Misty Ward, BHS
Erica Jordan, BHS
Jimmy Cherry, Transportation
Inez Williams, Transportation
Kelly Philmore, IT
Michele L. Howard, District Office
Teri Jones, District Office
Pamela Bedenbaugh, District Office
Kim Thomas, RTC
Pam Poole, RTC

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