The SHS Theatre & Film Troupe received a rating of Excellent for their performance of Our Place at the Florida Theatre Conference at Santa Fe College in Gainesville. 

Troupe members Mary McKire and Greg Clayton (pictured) were named All Stars from our cast for their portrayal of a daughter trying to connect one last time with her father who is suffering from dementia. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew: Christian Peterson, Cayleigh McCall, Jessica Maze, Kyle Song, Mary McKire, Greg Clayton, Jeffrey Bradford, Alana Combs, Emily Snyder, Grace Horne, Silverio Vences, Kelsey Little, Dylan McManaway, Teagan Humphrey, Cody Blackburn, Lindsey Johns, Levi Bass, Trent Wood, Kierara Beal, Tahjona Stacy, Seth Boston, Amber Thompson, Daisy Kinard, and Abigail Crutchfield.