Last night at the Suwannee County Board Meeting Antonio White, a senior from Suwannee High School, sat with the school board members serving as the Student Ambassador for SHS.

White spoke highly of his experience at the meeting. White came in with a feeling of what the meting would be like. White says, “Great experience. It was what I expected. I was there to see how things are done on behalf of the student body. It was great to see how things are ran at the top. I like being able to hear what they are talking about and that they asked for my input.” 

When discussing different issues, White said he took notice of how the board conducted themselves. White says, “Everything was proper but it was not too strict. I like how they were not afraid to disagree. I think that is a great way to see how leadership works.”

White was honored to receive the news he would serve as the Student Ambassador for Suwannee High School. White says, “I was really excited. Not going to lie, I felt honored and humbled. I’ve only been here for a year and I thought that was humbling they wanted me to represent the school.

White, who plays for the SHS Football team, had to leave football practice early to shower and get ready for the meeting at six o'clock at night. While the board meeting may have ended shortly before nine o'clock, White’s night was far from over. White then went home and stayed up until two in the morning working on homework. 


Barrett Young is the Branford High School representative, however he was unable to attend last night. The SCSD will follow up with Young and detail his experiences when he attends next month’s meeting.