Suwannee Elementary School (SES) announced the winners of the school’s science fair on Thursday, January 12.

Projects included which lent roller works, which bubblegum blows the biggest bubble, which battery last the longest, as well as many others.

The second grade winners were Kira Sapp (3rd Place), Aubrey Driggers (2nd Place), and Rebekah Johnson (1st Place).

The third grade winners were Eli Jessop (3rd Place), Aly Norris (2nd Place), and Kinsey McDonald (1st Place).

SES selected a best in show project. This included both second and third graders. The best in show award went to third grader, Cooper Williams.

Laura Roberts, who is in charge of the science fair at SES says, “SES is incredibly proud of our science fair participants. Completing a science experiment takes a great deal of time and effort, and our students demonstrated creativity, critical thinking, and diligence through their projects.”

SES Principal Amy Boggus echoes Roberts’s statement. Boggus says, “We are so proud of our students and all of the hard work they put into their science fair projects.  Students did a great job demonstrating the scientific process.”