There were 2 winners of "There's No I In Safety" for July.

The July Winners are:
Ron Tucker from Suwannee Intermediate School. He assisted Mrs. Udell by carrying her Summer Program boxes from her car
to the classroom. Not only was that a kind thing to do, but he possibly prevented a back strain

Jeff Lee from RIVEROAK Technical College. He assisted Mrs. Hernandez by placing the record boxes on shelves in the
storage room where she could not reach. He could've passed and let someone else deal with it,
but he chose to be kind and also prevented a possible accident from occurring.

Thank you for all of your entries!

The Safety Committee is looking forward to hearing from you.
And as a team let’s remember, "Accidents Big or Small, Lets Avoid Them All".

We are looking for August winners so I hope everyone is keeping an eye out and don't forget to
send me your nominations!!!