Branford High School (BHS) Senior Barrett Young is a candidate for the 2021 United States Presidential Scholars Program.  Young is a candidate based upon his demonstrated ability and accomplishment within career and technical education (CTE) programs. 

Young was initially shocked when he heard he was nominated for the state level.  “I figured I had a chance to get a couple of scholarships but I had no idea it would be at this level,” Young said, “especially the CTE one doing the stuff I love like hands-on activities I just did not expect it.  I am so happy and blessed to have this opportunity.” 

Young received nomination for this award by the State of Florida’s Chief State School Officer.  The Commission selects up to 20 scholars every year who have outstanding records of leadership and academic achievement, and contribution to school and community.  Young mentioned condensing all he does to fit into a resume was a challenge for him.  Young says, “It was difficult to minimize all that I do into one application.  There is so much that I love to do and love to help with so it was so hard to put all that into the application.”

According to BHS Agriculture Education Teacher Stacy Young, he is the first student from Suwannee County to make it in the CTE category. “I did not know I was the first from the county to win the CTE,” shared Young, “I know some others who came before me who were just as qualified and I have learned from them and what they do.”

Young’s next step is to fill out another application for the state level. Young states, “My goal is to win state and then compete at the national level.”

Young said, “I think it is a great opportunity for any student, I am just blessed to have the opportunity to qualify for this.  My goal is to always be the best I can and this is another step in my life I have to accomplish.”