Suwannee County School District employees, family, and friends gathered at the Phillips Center at Advent Christian Village in celebration of the 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year and School Related Employee of the Year.

            Below are the Teachers of the Year for each school site:

Lindy Meeks – Suwannee Elementary School

Melva Batts – Suwannee Middle School

Margaret Williams – Branford Elementary School

Cara Soride – Branford High School

Cathy Nicely – Suwannee Intermediate School

Janie Maxwell – RIVEROAK Technical College

Vickie Pagliai – Suwannee Primary School

Kary Black – Suwannee High School


Below are the School Related Employees of the Year for each department/school site:

Janice Lee – Branford Elementary School

Linda Cheshire – Suwannee Primary School

Amy Steed – Suwannee Intermediate School

Heather Crotty – Suwannee High School

Julian Durham – Facilities

Scott Melanson – Transportation

Andrea Lanier – Branford High School

Joann Ledew – Suwannee Elementary School

Jackie Wiggins – Suwannee Middle School

John Sinclair – RIVEROAK Technical College

Brian Gollery – IT Department

Mary Ann Chaney – District Office 

Andrea Lanier, from Branford High School, was selected as the District School Related Employee of the Year. Lanier was shocked when she won the award. Lanier says, “Being elected by my peers was the greatest honor I thought I would ever receive in my career. I am grateful that not only was I selected by my school, but by our district, too. Receiving recognition for my commitment to make sure that all of my students are successful is an amazing feeling.”

Melva Batts, from Suwannee Middle School, was selected as the District Teacher of the Year. Batts, in her speech after winning teacher of the year, said, “We must invest in children today, because we will pay tomorrow if we do not.” Batts added, “Teaching is my passion. It is my obligation to affect every student every day.”

Photos from the evening can be found at the link below.