Law enforcement officers from multiple counties held a K9 demonstration on the campus of Suwannee Primary School (SPS) on October 27.

The kids loved seeing the dogs in action and SPS cannot thank the officers enough for coming out.

The following officers were on campus this morning accompanied by their K9:

Suwannee County Sheriff - Sgt. Brian Barrs and Bullet.

Branford Sheriff - Brandon Shoup and Grim.

Dixie County Sheriff - Sgt. Riley Cranford and Bella.

Lake City Police Department - Officer Connie Milligan and Inka Officer Mark Hardison and Memnoch.

Charlton County Sheriff - Deputy Austin Kirton and Hank.

SPS would also like to thank John and Peg Hickey with Von Seestadt Kennels.

To see photos from the demonstration, click here.