Suwannee High School (SHS), in cooperation with the Student Advisory Council, held its first annual career and technical showcase night on April 20 at the atrium of SHS.

            SHS Students from various clubs and programs collaborated to make this evening happen. In total, 50 students, ranging from ninth to twelfth grade, lead the showcase and were from following clubs or groups; robotics, culinary arts, allied health program, agriculture, computer science information technology (CSIT) finance academy, video game design, chess club, and yearbook.

            SHS Technology Teacher Belinda Fries help orchestrate this event but stresses this was a student led evening. Fries says, “The event was all about the students and it was designed to allow the students to lead the parents.”

            SHS students led training seminars, played video games they designed themselves, and showed parents the 3-D printers. Each table had students there to answer any questions guests may have. Fries says she was very impressed with the professionalism the kids showed and the creative thinking they showed during the event.

            Fries says she is excited to see where this showcase goes in the future. This is just the first year but Fries is optimistic it will continue to grow, starting with next year.