With an ever-increasing demand to prepare students in both Information Technology and Computer Science, Suwannee High school has partnered with TestOut Corporation (Pleasant Grove, UT) to lead the charge in helping train and certify the next generation of IT professionals.

Belinda Fries brings her experience from the IT field, as former Director of Technology for Wakulla County Schools, into the classroom to give her students a real understanding of the jobs, knowledge, and skill level they need to be ready to enter the workforce. Ms. Fries helps students understand everyday applications to the concepts they are learning.

Ms. Fries has adopted TestOut Corporation’s online training courseware and Pro Certifications as an important tool for her students. TestOut training materials and Pro certifications align with industry standards for their individual areas. TestOut Pro Certifications are a skills-based assessment, not only showing knowledge, but also skills competencies. Objectives for the courseware and exams follow industry alignments for knowledge and comprehension.

Using TestOut’s learning tools, with real-life simulations, Suwannee students are a perfect 11 for 11 on passing the TestOut Network Pro Certification Exam so far this year. SHS students are not only passing the Network Pro Certification Exam, but they are passing considerably higher than the national average.  According to certification magazine, IT professionals holding this certification average over $50,000 per year in industry. (http://certmag.com/salary-survey-2019-new-salary-survey-75/ ) Suwannee students are now preparing for additional industry certifications as they continue their training and preparation to be college and career ready.

Students who pass TestOut Pro Certification Exams also qualify for a “Skills Guarantee” of $1000 paid to employers if the newly hired student does not possess the skills they have been certified for. (http://www.testout.com/skillsguarantee)This is a huge benefit to the rising generation of future IT professionals, and employers can be assured candidates are job ready from day one.

As the growth for tech jobs continues to grow, Belinda Fries and Suwannee High School will continue to lead the way and provide employers with the skilled workforce needed. Ms. Fries is a dedicated teacher who is passionate about her student’s success. Suwannee High School will continue to lead the area in providing the skilled workforce in the IT industry under Ms. Fries tutelage.